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Reasons Why NRIs Must Look into Investing in Apartments
Investing in Apartments

India is a promising market for investors. With emerging opportunities in the country, the real estate market is open to various investment options. The country has more active buyers and the Non – Residential Indian Citizens have also shown their interest in investing in their homeland. With investing in any property in the country, the NRIs are directly investing in India. They are a crucial source of funds for the Indian economy. Foreign investors can open their boundaries to the Indian real estate market as real estate often ensures a stable return on investments. Thus, compared to other investments, investing in a property ensures a genuine appreciation value. It provides a natural asset, without causing any risk. Having a home back in your country is considered a practical and valuable possession. It provides financial appreciation as well as emotional security.

One of the best ways to multiply your income is by investing in an apartment as it has numerous benefits. If you are living in any other country and buying a property in your homeland, investing in an apartment will make good sense as you don’t have to worry about the details that go into its maintenance as the community of the caretaker at the building will make sure that everything works smoothly. Apart from this there exist a plethora of benefits which are as follows. Prestige Elm Park is a good investment in Whitefield, developed by prestige group.

Easy Taxation and Payment Option

As India is one of the foremost countries to receive foreign currency, the simplified tax regime encourages the NRIs to invest in the country. They receive many benefits for properties held in India including an indexation benefit with simplified taxation of 20% for immovable properties held for more than 24 months. The Income Tax Act of India also offers certain tax rebates under Section 80C and 80TTA. While buying the property, the NRIs can transfer the money to the NRO account and make the payment from this account or they can choose to transfer the amount directly to the account of the seller.

Losing Investment in Other Investment Options

The usual trend of investors has changed gradually especially due to the high risk in the investment option such as fixed deposit, gold, and equity market. The falling returns of gold and fixed deposits have further discouraged the investors. However, the real estate market has not left investors dissatisfied. Thus, investing in an apartment by the NRIs is always a good option as today we have larger resources and towns ready for growth. This will always be a better option.

Rental Income

Investing in an apartment and earning a regular rental income from that property without any trouble is possible with this option. If the estimated revenue is calculated from renting a property, one can reap up to double the original amount of the property which is the initial investment. If you plan to resell the property after a while, the property rates will get higher due to the developments occurring in the country. Thus, investing in an apartment will definitely generate a decent amount of income.

Falling Rupee Value

The constant decline in the rupee is a state of poor economic condition concerning the country. This is a unique advantage for foreign citizens which helps them to convert their money into lucrative investment options in India. This had resulted in more NRI investment possible. The property rates are much cheaper and more affordable compared to foreign countries thus NRIs can invest in any property of their choice with a minimal budget.

Retirement Benefits

Senior citizens can enjoy the benefit of a reverse mortgage by owning a property in India. The money taken from the bank towards the reverse mortgage is not considered a part of NRI income. Thus, they can own the property as well as get the money which makes it a huge benefit for them. Many banks are taking this aspect into consideration and implementing them, thus making it beneficial for NRIs.

Transparent Transaction

The real estate industry is moving towards a transparent and efficient market with the introduction of the RERA act. This act empowers the investors and gives them many privileges along with many rights. Thus, there will not be any cheating as well as any delays in delivering the properties to the buyers.

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